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Next generation Decision Making Solution

GenView 3D is the ultimate business decision making software for executives to efficiently control, pilot and ensure alignment with business objectives.

Our 3D data visualization solution delivers simplified and unified view of Key Performance Indicators, anytime, anywhere.

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decision making software

Gain up to 30% efficiency

  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Engage immediate action
  • Take pro-active measures
  • Improve quality and reduce delay
  • Measure real-time performance
  • Identify potential risk faster
  • Mitigate impact Read more

All in one single interface

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Important Features

3D icon

3D Interface

The world we live in is 3 dimensional and is the most natural way of understanding what we see. GenView 3D uses this principle by offering a 3D interface allowing a better visualization and understanding of the business and operational activity.
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Ease of Use

GenView 3D has specifically been created to simplify the vision and the processing of the information. Therefore, the interface also reflects this vision by remaining user-friendly and simple.
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Big Data Management

GenView 3D is built with a powerful engine that allows to digest a large volume of information coming from many heterogeneous sources and process them in a minimum time.
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To ensure proper reactivity, the operational and business status must be accessible anytime, anywhere. GenView is conscious of this need and its 3D operational intelligence software is therefore available from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, allowing users to view and manage business activities wherever they are.
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Users can easily inform all related persons of occurring critical activities, and communicate them throughout their professional environment thanks to GenView 3D’s collaborative feature. They can easily modify an alert level, send status notification as well as comments by email.
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Real time

Information needs to be relevant and up-to-date in order to be valuable and of use. In GenView 3D, indicators are constantly evolving and show real-time information, allowing to never miss an opportunity and immediately react to a critical event.
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