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3D decision making software

3D Decision making software

Ideal for organization facing complex environment, with information from multiple sources

  • Take better decisions
  • Understand correlations and trends
  • React smarter and faster
  • Reduce risks, impacts and costs

Gain a unified view on Key Performance Indicators, processes and workflows.

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3D Data visualization

3D Data visualization

The way of showing the information is crucial for its understanding. At GenView, we believe in showing complexity with simplicity, to enable better decision making. 3D helps us reaching this objective, as our entire lives and environment are that way.

Visualize your data as never before!

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Increased Company Visibility


Gain full visibility on your company's strategic and operational activities.

Whether you are looking for an executive overview with Key Indicators or detailed real-time event monitoring, GenView has the right solution for you.

Organisation chart Organisation chart

A Solution For Everyone!

SAP HANA Version

Seamless connection with the SAP HANA In-Memory database, for even faster performance and optimized integration.

SAP HANA Version

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Standard Version

With GenView3D's standard version, enjoy the flexibility of connecting to any data source.


Standard version Genview3d

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unique features of genview3d


Gain competitive advantage by reaching the highest level of visibility and understanding of your business and reducing the time between an event and its reaction.

Receive real-time information coming from the daily business activity to be able to detect and respond to events as they are happening. Quickly respond to changing conditions to make better, faster decisions and effectively respond to unplanned events.

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genview 3d modules

GenView 3D modules

Each module visualizes your business from a different point of view, to gain an overall understanding of its full context.

Monitor Key Performance indicators, view processes, locate assets on a 3D map and analyze summarized dashboards.

Unleash the value of your data!

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Delivery Options

GenView 3D Business Control software offers a SaaS and an On-Premise delivery option,
allowing a maximum of flexibility to fit every company’s size, need and budget.