GenView 3D Smart City Event - June 7th 2017 | GenView 3D

GenView 3D Smart City Event - June 7th 2017

Lausanne - June 7th, 2017. GenView successfuly hosted its first Smart City event.

The Smart City event, on the "data challenges in Smart Cities" topic, organized by GenView and its partner SCS Smart City, was a great sucess and attracted many regional active actors in this field.

The evening, held at the EPFL Innovation Park, gathered city, public transport and company's responsibles from various sectors. The participants were able to discover innovative ways to gather, visualize and exploit data coming from cities throughout connected objects.

The software GenView 3D received warm greetings by the audience during the product's demonstration. The cities' governance tool enables to centralize data and gain a global vision by collecting real-time alerts and by controling flows such as traffic and resource consumption. Having a strategical dashboard was perceived as an essential need to efficiently manage Smart Cities.  A participant even stated. "GenView 3D will surely become a major tool in decision-making for cities". 

GenView - Smart City Map