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GenView 3D Smart City Monitoring

Lausanne - February 28th, 2017. GenView launches a new solution: GenView 3D Smart City Monitoring, in partnership with Smart City Swiss.

Smart City Solutions help to efficiently manage city's resources, using the latest communication technology (ICT) and Internet of things (IoT) tools.

The main benefits are the improvements quality of life of the citizens, the increase of the city's attractiveness and the reduction of the ecological footprint.

GenView - Smart City MapGenView - Smart City Monitoring Dashboard

GenView and Smart City Swiss partner together to offer municipalities of all sizes an answer to their various needs in terms of Smart Management.

GenView 3D's monitoring system gathers all information coming from the technology sources provided by Smart City Swiss, offering cities a global solution.

Smart City Swiss provides the best material using innovative technologies in the following fileds of activities:
  • Smart LED lightning
  • Digital Signage
  • Connected surveillance cameras
  • Wifi and Lifi network
  • and many more
GenView's Smart City Monitoring System provides city's responsibles with a real time cockpit to:
  • Develop city's potential to generate new income
  • Transform data into valuable information through modern dashboards
  • Automate multisource data gathering
  • Visualize city's complexity into a single interface
  • Field supervision directly from a 3D map 
  • Monitor and optimize in real-time enregy consumption, infrastructure, safety, waist, mobility, etc
For more information about our Smart City Solution, download our flyer here.

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