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Indicator Module

Genview 3D’s smart cockpit instantly gives an overview of personalized indicators monitoring key business processes and activities.

GenView 3D’s integrated approach links indicators with communication tools bringing the capacity to view, understand, share information and engage actions. Thanks to GenView 3D, the identification and communication with responsible persons is straightforward. It enables to share a common view and understanding of current situation and actions to be taken. This allows to efficiently manage and solve events’ alerts, anytime, anywhere, to maintain the normal state of activity.

Screens of Indicator Module

Key Benefits

  • Instantaneous overview of personalized indicators
  • Customizable status, rules and graphics Real-time information
  • Internal messaging integration
  • Historization of data
  • Scrolling banner constantly showing indicators in alert
  • Integrated indicator editor
  • Dynamic categorization
  • User role management
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