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GenView Features

GenView 3D offer a wide range of powerful features covering every aspect of the business.

Those features were designed to help the customer manage all the aspects of the business and be as flexible and user-friendly as possible. GenView 3D gives you one place to control all of the business activities.

GenView 3D Features

Easy understanding, intuitive interface, clear indicators

Easy Understanding

  • Intuitive interface
  • Clear indicators
Constant monitoring, clear dashboards, personnalized views

Constant Monitoring

  • Clear dashboards
  • Personnalized views
role permission, relevant information, user management, right management

Role Permission

  • Access to relevant information
  • Different views according to needs
mobile, everywhere, anywhere, smartphone, tablet, faster decision making, taking decisions


  • Stay informed wherever you are
  • Take faster decisions
KPIs, Key indicators performance, comapany information, vital company information, categorization of KPIs


  • Vital company information at a glance
  • Categorization of KPIs
Real time, real time information, real time data, live effect of actions

Real Time

  • No more outdated information
  • See live effect of actions
3D, 3D interface, 3D information, 3D data visualization

3D Interface

  • 3D Is the world we live in
  • Bring extra dimension to information
transeversal view, contextual view, better understanding, global understanding, global view

Transversal & Contextual View

  • Gain a better understanding of the information within its context
encrypted transmission, secure information, highly secured transactions

Encrypted Transmission

  • Highly secured transactions
Action within the platform, messaging, collaborative, collaboration

Action Within The Platform

  • Change status and send messages
collaborative, share, sharing, share messages, notifications


  • Share messages and notifications
  • No more waste of time and misunderstandings
Full visibility on data, overall view, relevant information, clear view, understanding

Full visibility on data

  • Overall view of company’s most relevant information
  • Clear and instantaneous understanding
information management, right information, 3D business cockpit, cockpit, decision making

Information Management

  • Get the right information at the right moment
multi-platform, mobile, desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets, iPhones, smartphones


  • Desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets, iPhones, smartphones, etc…
Internal messaging, sending messages, inform, inform relevant persons, team management

Internal Messaging

  • Send messages to inform relevant persons
  • Manage your teams with GenView 3D
modularity, Modular approach, module


  • Get only the modules needed
  • View data under different perspectives
flexible delivery options, cloud, on-premise, solution for every size

Flexible Delivery Options

  • A solution for every size and need
  • Flexible delivery options in the Cloud or On-Premise
swiss made label, swiss servers, data security, secure data, swiss made software

Swiss Made Label

  • Servers in Switzerland for optimal data security
  • Swiss made software label
big data management, powerful engine, high level, business application, sap, sap hana, avoid issues, trends

Big Data Management

  • Powerful engine analyzing high level of information
  • Find trends and avoid issues' escalation
universal connector, integrated connector, data integration, external datasets, sap integration

Universal Connector

  • Integrated connector linking almost any data source
  • Possibility to integrate external datasets