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GenView Delivery Options

GenView 3D is available as SaaS or On-Premise. This way, organizations from different sizes, infrastructure, policy requirements and budget will always find solution that answers to their needs.

SaaS Model (Hosted)

The SaaS model of GenView 3D Operational Intelligence Software all the functionality of desktop software with the flexibility of the Cloud, at a lower initial cost. GenView hosts the solution within a highly secured data center, managing and providing secure user access to the system. All hardware, systems and related infrastructure are managed by GenView and are included in the subscription, removing the burden from the customer’s IT staff. Moreover, software upgrades are readily available with each new release. This model gives access to the software on a subscription basis. Of course, the organization can choose at any time to upgrade to bring GenView 3D On-Premise.

Benefits of Online Business Control Software

SaaS model, online business control software, cloud
  • Access anytime, anywhere

Running the software only requires access to a readily available favorite web browser software.

  • Subscription based

No large up-front software purchase fee as the software is paid on a yearly subscription basis.

  • Cost effective

No need to invest in hardware, operating systems, middleware; or the personnel required to maintain them all. GenView handles all of the setup, upgrades, backups and all other services required to keep the application running at optimal performance. Organizations can keep the focus on their core business.

  • No investment costs

The fees are registered as an operating expense, not as an investment, making it easier to get the budget approved.

  • Easy to maintain

No additional maintenance costs and no maintenance upgrades to install. The software is automatically upgraded as needed without any effort.

  • Secure

The solution is hosted in specific highly secured facilities and are backed up daily to provide extra protection from data loss.

  • Faster deployment

Since there is no server setup required and no software to install locally, a SaaS application can be up and running very quickly.

On premise Model (Installed)

This deployment model offers the advantages of full infrastructure control, complete autonomy, and hardware flexibility. GenView 3D works with the organization during both the initial installation of the software and hardware as well as during system upgrades. Maintenance of the operating and database systems, design and management of security features, and user group management are internal responsibility.

Benefits of On-Premise Business Control Software

On-premise business control software, secure
  • Access anytime, anywhere

Running the software only requires access to a readily available favorite web browser software.

  • One time investment

Payment for the software licenses is made once. Only a low annual maintenance fee for support and upgrades is then due.

  • Secure

The software is hosted on-site behind the organization’s firewall and is aligned with its back up and security policies.

  • Data accessibility

Since the data resides within the company, there are no barriers of access to extract data from the system.


No matter your organization size or needs,
there's a GenView 3D’s deployment option that fits.