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Spot and resolve issues faster

Did you know that 80% of the time spent on an occurring issue comes from finding the root of the problem, and only 20% is required to solve it?

Real-time alerts in GenView 3D help you quickly identify issues, whether it’s coming from a process, a resource or other activity. Reduce time and effort of finding the issue by having a clear and global view of your company’s activities.

Moreover, GenView 3D helps you understand correlations and impacts of events, by spotting where and when the issues occurred, as well as their related elements.

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3D Data visualisation, complexity, better decision making, decision making, reaching objectives, real time data visualisation

Increase visibility

Interpret data and identify new insights, leading to discoveries and new opportunities. With GenView 3D, navigating through your data has never been easier and more intuitive!

Optimize operations with GenView 3D’s ability to navigate through data (in a transversal way) and remove department silos. Identify the location of a resource, understand its interaction with its global environment and act on potential bottlenecks has never been as easy and intuitive.

Gain a clear view of the status of your activities and share it with the top management to optimize the decision-making process.

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Use cases

  • Supply Chain monitoring
  • Security
  • Utility
  • Information System Mapping
  • Quality Improvement
  • Cold Chain Improvement