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GenView Services

GenView offers a full range of services related to its Decision-Making Software GenView 3D, ranging from initial project preparation to post-launch support.

GenView’s services are based on 2 principles – quality and efficiency – in order to maximize customer’s satisfaction. The objective is to help the customer clearly define his requirement, help him implement GenView 3D in a smooth and efficient way, and provide quick responses to any support question.



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Professional Services

GenView has experts in various business fields that are dedicated to helping the customer define, design and implement his KPIs, processes and activities into
GenView 3D. Their past experiences in their respective domain bring an
added-value to the customer by giving best practices to optimize the control
of his business.

Those services typically include business-oriented consultancy, training and implementation services.


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3D Custom Design

Thanks to GenView 3D’s flexibility, customers can choose from hundreds or different 3D representation of elements that correspond as close as possible to their business reality. However, GenView disposes of a team of 3D graphic designers that can create custom-made elements to ensure full customer satisfaction.

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GenView Support

GenView strives to offer its customers the best support and ensure an optimal follow-up. Learn more about the various support services proposed.